Lemons Continuous 24 Hour (2022)

Race Event Summary

Event Class: Lemons

Event Date: Friday 16 Sep 2022 (see schedule)

Registrations Open: Saturday 14 May 2022

Event Venue: Hampton Downs - International Circuit

Address: State Highway One, RD 2, Ta Kauwhata, Waikato, NZ

The only non-stop 24 hour endurance motorsport event in NZ, the "NaZCAR Lemons continuous 24 hour" will push you to your limits! Teams of 5 (or more) themed drivers must keep racing continuously for 24 hours - THROUGH THE NIGHT - not easy when you're driving a pile of crap... Think you can do it? ROFL!

About this race event

This is the BIG one! The continuous (non-stop) 24 hour NaZCAR Lemons endurance event tests the mettle of crappy cars, and the resolve of the drivers + crew. Strategy, preparation and sheer perseverance are the order of the day (and night), with themed teams of 5 (or more) drivers plus Crew members desperately trying to keep their clunkers running, maybe... You know what they say... "Endurance Racers can go all Night"!

Last year SOLD OUT so get in quick to book your spot!!

Event Schedule

This is a 24 hour continuous format (overnight) of endurance motorsport for all "Lemons and Limes".

Date Time Activity Description Zone
Thu 15th Sep 12pm - 5pm Doco/Pre-Scrutineering Documentation Opens & Scrutineering begins Doco Office/Tech Shed
Fri 16th Sep From 7am Doco/Scrutineering continues Sign-in, cars scrutinised, gear check Doco Office/Tech Shed
Fri 16th Sep From 7:30am BS Judging Let's see how we go, eh? "Penalty Box" TBA
Fri 16th Sep 12:30pm Drivers' Briefing All Drivers to attend TBA
Fri 16th Sep 1pm - 2pm Practice & Orientation Session Approx. 45 min practice On track
Fri 16th Sep 2:15pm Grid line-up for photos, media, etc Competitors and teams in full costume Grid formation on track
Fri 16th Sep 3pm Event/Race start Rolling start, single file On track
Continuous 24 hours of racing (through the night)
Sat 17th Sep 3pm Event concludes Chequered Flag falls On track
Sat 17th Sep 3:15pm Trophy presentation & awards That's all folks! Pavilion

A few notes for this endurance event:

  • A minimum of 5 drivers per team
  • Self-contained camping allowed inside venue from 7am on Friday 16th Sep until event ends
  • A themed "LEMON" or "LIME" car - for details of various classes, contact us or see the Lemons Rules
  • All teams require a Transponder and a Pit Garage (hired through us during Registration process)

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