Formerly 24 Hours of Lemons. NOW 100% KIWI OWNED...

Same fruity antics, same everything, NEW NAME!


  • Sat, Feb 06
    Hampton Downs Motorsport Park
    NaZCAR Pro - Preliminary Round
    This race is an introduction to the brand new Sanctioned National Endurance Championship, NaZCAR Pro. Sign up for this race for a taste of no-nonsense mid-level, mid-speed endurance racing for all makes/models and current Race Series competitors. Get in quick - grid numbers limited to 60 teams.
  • Sat, Feb 27
    Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park
    "BadThurst 12 Hour" endurance race...
    Targeted at Newbies and NaZCAR Cup teams (true 'Lemons') we’ve rolled out this short-format 'dozen-hours of dubiousness' into our annual calendar. A 12-hour endurance event split over 2 days, at the iconic Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park in Taupo. Teams of 3 Drivers (minimum)...
  • Fri, May 07
    Hampton Downs Motorsport Park and Event
    MAY Mayhem! 24 hours over 3 days!
    More fun than half an aardvark, our annual 3-day, 24 Hour endurance event is cemented in the New Zealand Motorsport Calendar! Themed teams of 5 (or more) drivers plus crew, attempt to coax their clunkers across the finish line after a weekend of hilarity and MAY-hem. Open to all NaZCAR classes.
  • Fri, Sep 24
    Hampton Downs Motorsport Park
    NaZCAR at Night! Open to all NaZCAR classes.
    The only non-stop 24 hour endurance motorsport event in NZ, the "NaZCAR continuous 24 hour" will push you to your limits! Teams of 5 (or more) themed drivers must keep racing continuously for 24 hours - THROUGH THE NIGHT - not easy when you're driving a pile of crap... Think you can do it? ROFL!

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What is NaZCAR?

NaZCAR started life as the endurance series called 24 Hours of Lemons in 2016 and has become NZ's most popular and successful endurance motorsport series.  NaZCAR allows easy, fun and CHEAP entry into the world of motorsport - perfect for beginners, wannabees, corporate teams, semi + professional race car drivers - sense of humour ESSENTIAL...   


Buy a crappy car for $999 or less, bung in some safety gear and make it last for hours on track! Easy?




Cars and teams avoid penalties by dressing up in 'themes'. The whackier, the better!

Cage, seat, harness, HANS, kill-switch and fire extinguisher are mandatory. Safety first, kids...

Fix your crapper and keep going! Teams of drivers + crew try making it last the distance... Good luck with that!

Wanna know more?

Click HERE for Fees and FAQ's...



Welcome to the "NaZCAR 24" series (formerly called "24 Hours of Lemons"). NOW 100% KIWI OWNED + OPERATED!

The cheapest Motorsport on the planet! Buy a clunker, bung some safety gear into it, then hurl it (or nurse it) around a professional racetrack for up to 24 hours. For those spending a bit more, we now have 2 'classes' - so you can get a bit more serious without upsetting the cool kids... 

Prizes for teams that last the distance - penalties for

those with 'misplaced talent' - fun for everyone!


NaZCAR presents New Zealand endurance racing for low-budget cars. It's a breeding ground for inflated egos and God like statuses. It's where Mercedes and Mazda, Toyota and Hyundai do battle for the glory of gloating rights of NaZCAR, all are winners if they make it to the end!


The very point of NaZCAR... to FINISH!

Supplementary Regulations

Safety Regulations

Drivers' Briefing HERE



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Auckland 1011

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