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The home of Lemons, Limes, 9 to 5 and the NaZCAR Pro series!

NaZCAR offers the cheapest motorsport on the planet! Whether you're a newbie, a seasoned knucklehead or an up-and-coming racer, we've got a series JUST FOR YOU and your team! Check out our events and start ticking off your bucket-list...

NaZCAR LEMONS the cheapest Motorsport on the planet
Wanna have fun driving affordable race cars?

And get LOTS of seat time on professional motorsport tracks? Whether you're a complete amateur or seasoned racer, our grass-roots Lemons series, with 8-hour through to 24-hour events for teams of drivers & crew is for YOU. After all, racing shouldn't be for rich idiots - it should be for ALL idiots!

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NaZCAR LIMES team focussed motorsport
Want LOTS of seat time?
And develop better race craft?

Our Limes endurance events are designed to maximise track time for 'next-level' teams of drivers. A step up from the Lemons series, medium/fast cars with no limit on modifications! Multiple formats from 8-hour through to 24-hour events. No-nonsense motorsport!

NaZCAR Pro National Endurance Motorsport Championship
Serious about racing?
Want to be a NZ Champion?

If you crave competitive endurance racing, then the NaZCAR Pro Series is for you. Multi-class 3-hour & 6-hour Sanctioned National Endurance Championship races for teams of 2 to 4 drivers. Winning!

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About us
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NaZCAR motorsport, for amateur petrolheads and serious pistonheads!

Founded by event guru Dr. Jacob Simonsen, NaZCAR is 100% Kiwi owned and offers various events and race series for newbies through to National Champions, with emphasis on easy, fun, safe and CHEAP entry into the world of motorsport!

How it started? With the "24 Hours of Lemons" in 2016, which quickly became NZ's most popular and successful endurance motorsport series, now called “NaZCAR LEMONS”, perfect for newbies, juniors (over 12 years), wannabees, families and corporate teams. Sense of humour ESSENTIAL!

In 2020, NaZCAR added its Sanctioned National Endurance Championship, called the “PRO SERIES” as well as our highly popular “9 TO 5” (one-day 8 hour) fun days. In 2022 NaZCAR announced another category called "LIMES" which focusses on lots of 'seat time', developing driver race-craft and (naturally) keeping motorsport fun and accessible. In 2023 we added the "MEGA" Endurance series which concentrates on the more faster (and slightly more serious) side of Endurance motorsport - but it's still FUN!

In 2024, Nazcar continues its motorsport evolution with the addition of its Mega-Street Sprints and Races across New Zealand, starting with the iconic Whangarei Street Sprint.


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