"BadThurst 12 Hour Lemons" (2024)

Race Event Summary

Event Class: Lemons

Event Date: Saturday 24 Feb 2024 (see schedule)

Registrations Open: Friday 24 Nov 2023

Event Venue: Taupo Motorsport Park

Address: 463 Broadlands Rd, Rotokawa, NZ

The infamous BadThurst 12-hour lemons endurance race is a perfect Summer sizzler! 12 hours across 2 days of refreshing Lemony Lunacy...

About this race event

12 hours across 2 days of refreshing Lemony goodness – this event will quench your thirst for Endurance racing, without leaving a bitter taste in your gob! Themed teams, nutty penalties and unpredictable rules – you’ll feel right at home...

Event Schedule

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