"9 to 5" Final Fling (2023)

Race Event Summary

Event Class: All classes welcome

Event Date: Sunday 19 Feb 2023 (see schedule)

Registrations Open: Saturday 24 Sep 2022

Event Venue: Pukekohe Park Raceway

Address: 242 Manukau Rd, Pukekohe, NZ

Just when you thought you’d never get the chance to race at Pukekohe again…

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About this race event

Your final chance to cut some laps at Pukekohe in an 8-hour NaZCAR Endurance event for all caged cars from ANY motorsport series, through to Lemons and NaZCAR Pro (Class 2 or slower), with nothing faster than a 1:18:00 around the (long layout) track. No silly penalties or 'Lemons' themes, just a fun day of Endurance racing - no prizes for fastest/most laps – running half the day with the chicane, then changing to the long back straight for the afternoon! BOOM!

Event Schedule

Date Time Activity Location Notes
Sat 18th Feb 2pm – 5pm Pre-Documentation & Pre-scrutineering TBC (Pukekohe) No venue access until Sunday AM
Sun 19th Feb 7.00am Gates open Pukekohe Park Access to venue & garages
Sun 19th Feb 7.30am Documentation & Scrutineering Doco & Scrut zones Sign Indemnity forms online!
Sun 19th Feb 8.40am Drivers' briefing (all drivers) TBC Listen up!
Sun 19th Feb 9.00am Cars assemble on Grid/START Dummy grid/track Single file start behind Safety Car
Sun 19th Feb 12.45pm Race paused (track crossing opened) Pit Lane/track Lunch/Track layout changed
Sun 19th Feb 1.15pm Race re-commences (new layout) Track Get into it...
Sun 19th Feb 5.30pm Race concludes (chequered flag) Track/finish line Approximate time only
Sun 19th Feb 5.45pm Presentation & final words TBC Tribute to Pukekohe closure
Sun 19th Feb 6.00pm Team pack out/leave venue Pukekohe Park Crack open a frosty treat!

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