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NaZCAR Pro National Endurance Motorsport Championship
  • Multiple distance/time Sanctioned National Endurance Championship

  • Accumulated points series

  • Multiple classes/categories

  • Relay teams invited to compete

  • No-nonsense Race series (no silly themes/penalties)

NaZCAR Pro National Endurance Championship is a Sanctioned event targeted at mid-level, mid-priced, mid-performance cars, with teams/drivers competing for NZ Championship Status through points-accumulated 3-hour and 6-hour endurance rounds (one-day events). Various categories and classes allow all teams to be competitive and utilise team strategies in order to complete the most laps within the set endurance time-frame.



Any "mid-level/speed" car currently competing in current series, such as: NaZCAR Lemons, NaZCAR Limes, V8 Utes, OK Cup, Honda Cup, SsangYong racing series, BMW Race series, Mazda Racing series or any car which meets the requirements and lap qualifying times of the NaZCAR Pro Championship rules. Various classes, based on qualifying times and car preparation, will be allocated; with points earned for each class respectively and winners in each class crowned. No limit on car modifications or setup, since each class has a 'minimum' lap (break-out) time.


Car requirements (check with us if unsure)

Every car must have the following (full Regulations and accredited Articles released soon)

  • Minimum 6-point full cage (AASA or MSNZ homologated)

  • Fit for purpose, one piece moulded race seat, securely mounted (dual sliding rails OK)

  • Minimum 5-point harnesses (in Cert/good condition)

  • Kill switch Fire extinguisher

  • Any tyres you choose (must be fit for purpose)

  • Approved fuel tank/system



Every car should participate in qualifying to set a lap time (specific to each venue/conditions) which must fall within the set time ‘limits’ (break-out). Any cars exceeding the fastest lap time, or failing to achieve the slowest time may not be eligible to compete. This series is an endurance and attrition event, so is about consistency over speed. Classes are based on lap times/car preparation.

As at July 2023 there are 3 classes (times are based on 'fastest lap' of National Circuit at Hampton Downs):

  • Super-Pro: 1:15:00 (suitable for very competitive modified production cars, etc)

  • GT-Pro: 1:19:00  (suitable for mid-paced cars, NaZCAR Limes, etc)

  • Sport-Pro: 1:25:00 (suitable for moderately paced race cars, NaZCAR Lemons, etc)


Teams and Drivers

Drivers are required to hold a valid Civil Drivers licence at the time of competing, as well as a AASA Competition Race Licence. Each driver must sign an indemnity form and pass through the NaZCAR Pro documentation process prior to each event. Teams in each category/class may consist of single car or multiple (relay) cars, with a minimum number of drivers required (see below):

3 Hour

Single car teams consist of 1 x car, 2 x drivers (min)

Relay teams consist of 2 x cars (min), 2 x drivers (min)

6 Hour

Single car teams consist of 1 x car, 2 x drivers (min)

Relay teams consist of 2 x cars (min), 2 x drivers (min)

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