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What is LIMES?

LIMES Team Motorsport NZ


LIMES are basically a bit faster and a bit more 'serious' than LEMONS... Might we suggest they are 'upmarket' LEMONS?

With a maximum 'fastest lap' time of 1:19 around the National track of Hampton Downs, LIMES events give drivers a chance to hone their race-craft, engage in more 'race' oriented track action and get a cubic crap-load of seat time, while still having FUN!

NaZCAR LIMES is team focussed (multiple drivers per car), with events ranging from 1-day (6 - 8 hours) to multi-day events (12 - 24 hours) and even day/night events - perfect for mid/high level motorsport nutters who are sick of the 'politics and bullshit'.

"So what do I need to do, to get into LIMES?" I hear you ask?

Pretty much the same as LEMONS - buy an existing (already race prepped) car, or build your own - bung some safety gear into it, then enter any NaZCAR events suitable for LIMES...

HINT 1: LIMES can enter any NaZCAR events, provided they do not exceed the 'fastest lap' time (1:19 for LIMES events and 1:25 for LEMONS events around Hampton).

HINT 2: LIMES can enter the NaZCAR PRO series, as they are perfectly suited for the "GT-PRO" class @ 1:19 (or slower) around Hampton

With emphasis on SEAT TIME, teams do not need to dress up in themes or costumes, and cars do not need to be themed. Unlike LEMONS, there are no crazy penalties for LIMES competitors - however poor DRIVER BEHAVIOUR will be strictly managed, since LIMES is meant to be FUN. NaZCAR has a "don't be a dick" policy!

Cage, seat, harness, HANS, kill-switch and fire extinguisher are mandatory. Safety first, kids... If you break down, fix your Lime and keep going! Teams of drivers + crew try making it last the distance... Good luck with that!

Our motto? Race, Reck, Repair, Repeat! The very point of LIMES... to FINISH!

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