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What is Lemons?

NaZCAR LEMONS cheap Motorsport


LEMONS is a breeding ground for inflated egos and God-like statuses. It's where any contraption, from Honda to Hyundai, from BMW to a Bucket of Bolts can do battle for the glory of gloating rights of LEMONS, all are winners if they make it to the end!

NaZCAR LEMONS is the cheapest Motorsport on the planet, which started life in 2016 as "24 Hours of Lemons" and has become NZ's most beloved and successful motorsport series. LEMONS is low-budget grass-roots endurance racing at its best - allowing easy, fun and CHEAP entry into the world of motorsport - perfect for beginners, wannabees, juniors, corporate teams, semi + professional race car drivers - even ex-racers who thought motorsport had lost it’s a’peel - sense of humour ESSENTIAL... "How do I get involved" I hear you ask?

Buy an existing cheap race-car, or build your own - buy a fresh crapper, install a roll-cage, seat, harness, kill-switch and fire extinguisher - safety first, kids... Once your new whip is ready for action, register for an event and then hurl it (or nurse it) around a professional racetrack for up to 24 hours with your team of drivers (and crew if you want)! If your bucket of bolts craps itself, simply fix it and keep going! Good luck with that!

HINT 1: LEMONS can enter any NaZCAR events, provided they do not exceed the 'fastest lap' time (1:19 for LIMES events and 1:25 for LEMONS events around Hampton).

HINT 2: LEMONS can enter the NaZCAR PRO series, as they are perfectly suited for the "SPORT-PRO" class @ 1:25 around Hampton.

LEMONS events give you more seat time than a dunny after an unholy Tandoori... Cars and teams avoid crazy penalties by getting into the 'spirit' of LEMONS, not taking things too seriously and dressing up in 'themes' - the wackier, the better. Prizes for teams that last the distance - penalties for those with 'misplaced talent' - fun for everyone!

Our motto? Race, Reck, Repair, Repeat! The very point of LEMONS... to FINISH!

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