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Got Problems?
LIMES team motorsport NZ

Use our Limes Toolbox ... a simple guide for us simple folk! "Making bad decisions since ages ago!"


1. "Get your Ass into Gear"

  • Log-in or Sign-Up on the NaZCAR website (

  • Check FAQ and RULES to make sure you understand what you're getting yourself into!

  • Choose the event you'd like to enter (check dates and event format) – ENTER EVENT

2. "Prepare your crapper (race-car)"

  • Buy a piece of crap car (or an existing race-car that is suitable for LEMONS racing)

  • Ensure your car meets the LEMONS SAFETY requirements (Cage, seat, harnesses, etc) – see RULES

  • Choose a THEME for your car – get creative!

  • Hunt sponsorship or fundraising to help pay for your crapper? No limit on logos/livery on your car!


3. "Whip your TEAM into shape"

  • Invite willing (or unwilling) victims to join your team

  • Choose a THEME for your team

  • Ensure ALL team members have signed-up and are visible on your TEAM (check your "My Teams" on the website and "Assign Roles")

  • Ensure all team members have PAID for their entry

  • Make sure you've ordered essentials such as Garage, Transponder, etc

  • Ensure ALL Drivers in your team have the relevant Licences (Civil & Race Licences) and have SIGNED their Indemnity Form online

  • Ensure all drivers/crew have the relevant apparel (GEAR) such as race-suit, helmet, HANS (FHR), gloves, boots etc

4. "Checklist"

  • Have you created your account/signed up?

  • Registered your team/entered an event?

  • Invited members to join your team?

  • Got a good THEME for car/team?

  • Built your car to the LEMONS standard?

  • Has your team paid for car/drivers/crew entry and 'essentials' (garage, transponders etc)?

  • Still need help? Send out a Bat-Signal to LEMONS HQ (without the virus please)!

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