Pro Series - Round 1 of 3

Race Event Summary

Event Class: Pro Series

Event Date: Saturday 17 Jul 2021 (see schedule)

Registrations Open: Monday 29 Mar 2021

Event Venue: Hampton Downs Motorsport Park

Address: State Highway One, RD 2, Ta Kauwhata, Waikato, NZ

NaZCAR Pro National Endurance Championship is a Sanctioned Series targeted at mid-level, midpriced, mid-performance cars, with teams/drivers competing for NZ Championship Status through three (3) points-accumulated 3-hour and 6-hour endurance rounds (one-day events). Various categories and classes allow all teams to be competitive and utilise team strategies in order to complete the most laps within the set endurance time-frame.

About this race event

First round (of 3) with 3-hour and 6-hour endurance races. Entries open to any "mid-level/speed" car currently competing in current series, such as: 2K Cup, Honda Cup, SsangYong racing series, BMW Race series, NaZCAR Lemons, Mazda Racing series or any car which meets the requirements and lap qualifying times of the NaZCAR Pro Championship rules. Various classes, based on qualifying times and car preparation, will be allocated; with points earned for each class respectively and winners in each class crowned. No Supercars or heavily modified screamers! Realistic, affordable endurance racing...

Event Schedule

This is a one-day format of endurance motorsport for all qualifying "Pro series" competitors, with 3 hour & 6 hour races run concurrently.

  • Friday, July 16th (from 2:00pm) - Pre-Scrutineering + Documentation (at Hampton Downs Racetrack)
  • Saturday, July 17th 2021 (from 07:30am) - Scrutineering + Documentation (continues)
  • Saturday, July 17th 2021 (approx 09:30am) - Drivers' Briefing
  • Saturday, July 17th 2021 (from 10:00am - 11:00am) - Practice and Qualifying session
  • Saturday, July 17th 2021 (approx 11:30am) - Races start (3 hour & 6 hour together)
  • Saturday, July 17th 2021 (approx 05:30pm) - Racing concludes - Prizegiving

For this endurance race - see the Pro Series Rules for what you need (car, drivers, Licence, etc)

* All teams require a Transponder (which can be hired through us during Registration process, or you may bring your own)

Important Note

During the Documentation process, teams can 'upgrade' to cross-register (30 minutes before Race starts)

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