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NaZCAR is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated Motorsport Event company which has developed various events and race series, with emphasis on fun, safety and affordability.

It all started back in 2015 when event guru and founder Dr. Jacob Simonsen introduced the hugely successful "24 Hours of Lemons" endurance races (now called "NaZCAR Lemons") in Australia and then in New Zealand in 2016. Recognizing the participants' enthusiasm and Kiwi ingenuity, it quickly became obvious there was a gap in the Kiwi market for a range of different motorsport events, so in 2020 NaZCAR introduced the "NaZCAR PRO series", a Sanctioned National Endurance Championship, as well as the highly popular "MEGA" and "9 to 5” (one-day 8 hour) Endurance Race and fun days. In 2022, NaZCAR announced a new 'class' of Lemons called "LIMES" - perfectly suited for those wanting a boot-load of track time without the usual motorsport politics and bullshit!

As the over-arching brand, NaZCAR will continue to create new and exciting motorsport events and series in the future.

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ALEC Men's health Charity
Nazcar charity partner with ALEC Men's Health


Our chosen CHARITY PARTNER is ALEC Men's Health Charity, dedicated to changing Men's health... forever!

As a registered Charity in New Zealand, ALEC Men's Health Charity is committed to empowering men to achieve health, performance and longevity amid today's evolving challenges.

By applying innovative solutions to enduring problems, ALEC focuses on creating achievable and sustainable programs and methods that make a foundational difference in Men's health and wellbeing.

Donations directly fund initiatives aimed at helping men achieve and sustain peak physical and cognitive health.

Join ALEC and NaZCAR as they re-define what it means to live a long and healthy life in our modern world.

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